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Water — It’s What Your Body and Brain Need

In April, The Gathering Academic Preschool participated in a statewide event called Rev Your Bev.

Rev Your Bev was a statewide movement to improve the health of all Virginians by encouraging people to drink more water. During this event we talked with kids about why water is so important for our bodies, we played games with water, we talked about how the water gets to our house, and we had lots of fun drinking water and trying different types of infused waters. The goal at the end of this event was to get our kids and staff to make water their primary drink of choice!

One decision our school made as a result of Rev your Bev was to eliminate all juice from our school day. We are now asking all parents to send only water or milk in for lunch each day AND we are making sure each child has a water bottle they can access throughout the day including when they are on the playground.

Here are four reasons to drink more water:

Water is helps your digestive system do its job.

Water helps your digestive system break down the food you eat, so that your body can absorb all the needed nutrients and it helps carry away the junk your body doesn’t need.

Water is healthier than juices, sodas, or energy drinks

Water contains no sugar, preservative, or additives.Water helps kids stay hydrated without adding extra unhealthy ingredients to their systems.

Water helps make you smart!

Did you know our brain is 75% water?Without enough water you will start to notice fatigue, headaches, and even mood swings kick in, all which make learning hard!You need to hydrate your brain to keep it alert and ready to learn!

Water helps keep you from eating too much!

Water will help you feel fuller longer which will keep you from snacking on unhealthy foods.A lot of times when we think we are hungry, we are really just thirsty.By making sure we stay hydrated we can help keep ourselves from other health issues such as obesity.

While water is important for adults and children alike, infants should not drink water. Formula or breastmilk are what's best for their bodies!

For more information on Rev Your Bev. you can visit their website.

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