Parent Testimonials

Find out what happy families are saying about The Gathering Academic Preschool

"This is the most wonderful preschool ever! Both my girls love going here even though my oldest outgrew it this year! Wish they would go up into the elementary grades! The staff is excellent and so thoughrful and caring with my kids. Always feel comfortable leaving my precious littles here and I know they will be well taken care of and learn while they are there!"

Nicole Smith Webster

"So thankful for the staff there. They feel more like family than a paid service. They prepared my child for kindergarten, supported us through a loss in the family and genuinely care for the children entrusted to them."

Nancy Blowe

"The parents and staff are like family. I know I can trust dropping my child off and he'll be safe. This is our fifth and final daycare within three years. Couldn't ask for a better place!"

Mee-Hyang Lara

"My children have attended this wonderful preschool since it's beginning. I cannot express how wonderful and responsive the teachers and administration has been. My children are learning from patient, loving people and my whole family has been better off because of this school. My daughter is about to go to Kindergarten and I am left feeling bitter-sweet, excited for her 'next step' but already saddened at the thought of her graduating from this special school."

Andrew Holden Schwartz 

"Excellent place for children. Great balance of academics and fun. Caring wonderful staff. Your kids will be prepared for school as well as completely well taken care of!"

Karen Brann Cattran


"Wonderful teachers, they have truly made it a much easier transition back to work. I know my little boy is loved and taken care of."


Jessie Sholar